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We gather to focus on truth. With confidence, we intend to directly know the truth, contemplating a basic question such as "Who am I?". We communicate what comes up as a result of our contemplation.

Our listening partners are fully present for us, taking it all in without passing judgment. We go deeper and deeper, going through whatever we must go through to know truth directly. And the truth does emerge, rewarding our sincere efforts. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 16:34, 19 October 2007 (UTC)

Original research, verifiability, neutrality, reads like an advertisement[edit]

This article does not follow Wikipedia guidelines for the captioned reasons. It would be great if the editors who have developed the article thus far would provide reliable secondary sources. The article also reads like an advertisement for the seminars. I will be removing many of the external links in accordance with [[1]]. Wikipedia allows for more than one official link to the organization the article is about, but is not meant to be a comprehensive web directory of every official website. It interesting that in the 3 years since its creation, there has not been any discussion. --Moon Rising (talk) 01:06, 22 August 2010 (UTC)


I'm not a contributor to English wikipedia, but I am of the Italian wikipedia contributor with the nickname of Zorro55. The Enlightenment Intensive arrived in Italy in 1987, attended by hundreds or thousands of people, I'm sure it has had similar participation in the United States and other countries many more participants than in Italy. It makes me smile to see applied to this technique of meditation the idea of ​​original research as was a "junk", but even if it was in this research should give him the Nobel Peace Prize. This technique has changed the lives of thousands of people, made ​​them grow spiritually at an extraordinary rate, including myself. It has restored not only to me the meaning of what it means to truly live, something that no other technique has allowed me to do. This item has not moved discussion in three years because it is a real and authentic spiritual technology, lively, that comes from the heart of the person who made ​​it his own. Assure all who read this rumor that the technique is actually because the original has developed Charles Berner but he was a genius (he has developed over decades of experimentation 300 methods of meditation before making it official) has donated this technique to humanity 's has grown. Personally, and not just me, I think this was and probably still is the most effective technique to achieve a state of Divine Union. The problem with the original research is that if you do not meet the "favor" of the Administrators group on duty at risk of being lost due to a widespread prejudice and inability to do adequate research not only in wikipedia. In my opinion, It's just consider Enlightenment Intensive as a divine jewel of great value that has every right (perhaps even more than some garbage information) to find a space like voice in wikipedia. "Original Research" does not necessarily mean, anyway "junk". -- (talk) 09:27, 26 August 2012 (UTC)