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I have removed the reference to Mphahlele's banning, since - although he was certainly forbidden to teach - I cannot find any reference to confirm the Columbia Encyclopaedia 's statement that he was banned in the specific, South African sense of the word that relates to the Suppression of Communism Act. Humansdorpie 17:36, 6 March 2006 (UTC)

For more[edit]

Here is a website to find much info about him —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:18, 2 February 2008 (UTC)

Professional experience[edit]

Wikipedia articles are not CVs, so I have removed this section from the article and placed it here instead. This way the information can still be used to inform the writing of the article.

Year Institution Position
1992 University of the North, Sovenga Honorary Professor of Literature attached to the Department of English
1992 Community College in Lebowakgomo, Limpopo Initiated a steering committee for the college's establishment
1992 Graduate School of Education, Harvard University Spent two months teaching a module on secondary education in South Africa
1989 University of South Carolina (from 1988) Visiting Professor in the Department of English
1989 Funda Centre for Community Education Executive Chairman until 1995
1987 University of the Witwatersrand Retired and awarded designation: Professor Emeritus
1985 University of Pennsylvania (from 1984) Visiting Professor in the Department of English
1983 University of the Witwatersrand Established the division of African Literature within the Department of Comparative Literature, becoming its first Professor and Chairman
1982 University of Denver (from 1981) Visiting Professor in the Department of English
1980 Council for Black Education and Research, Johannesburg Founding Chairperson and contributing editor to the Council's journal Capricon
1979 African Studies Institute, University of the Witwatersrand Senior Research Fellow
1979 Institute for the Study of English in Africa, Grahamstown Research Fellow (He also completed his second autobiography, Afrika My Music)
1978 Government Service of Lebowa Inspector of Education as advisor in English teaching at secondary-school level
1977 University of Pennsylvania (from 1974) Full Professor of English
1974 University of Denver, Colorado (from 1970) Associate Professor in English
1970 University of Zambia (from 1968) Senior Lecturer in the Department of English
1968 University of Denver, Colorado (from 1966) Teaching Fellow in the Department of English. He also read for and completed the PhD in the Creative Writing Programme during that time.
1966 University College, Nairobi (1965) Senior Lecturer in English
1965 Chemchemi Creative Centre, Nairobi (from 1963) Director
1961 Centre for Internatioal Studies, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge Visiting Lecturer on African Studies
1963 Congress for Cultural Freedom (Now International Association for Cultural Freedom)(from 1961) Director of Programmes
1961 University College Ibadan, Nigeria (from 1957) Lecturer in English
1957 Drum magazine (from 1955) Fiction editor
1954 St Peter's Secondary School English teacher (paid by the school as a private teacher)
1953 Blind Institute, Roodepoort (from 1952) Secretary (He had been banned from teachinf in any State-controlled school in South Africa as a result of campaigning against the Bantu Education Act)
1952 Orlando High School, Soweto (from 1945) English and Afrikaans teacher
1945 Ezenzeleni Blind Institute, (from 1941) Teacher and shorthand-typist