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Economy of Europe[edit]

I think this would be in the economy section: Europe has a long history as the world's richest and most productive part of the world. At the time of Christ's birth is estimated western European output per capita was approximately 30% higher than the world average. Year 1500 had this advantage increased to 40%.[1] After the development of science and the Industrial Revolution in Europe grew its lead quickly, in 1700 produced an average European almost 70% more than world's average population, and in 1850 was taken over the entire 150%. Around the year 1900 was Western Europe's leading role as the world's most productive area has been taken over by the former European colony of the United States, but Europe has continued to belong to the world's richest, most productive and knowledge-producing regions.[1] — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talkcontribs) 12 January 2011


  1. ^ a b Madisson, Angus (2009). [ Statistics on World Population, GDP and Per Capita GDP, 1-2006 AD].

Chinese Name Change[edit]

I deleted the following sentence from this page:

which is an abbreviation of the transliterated name Ōuluóbā zhōu (歐羅巴洲)

I did this because, I have never heard this term though I am a speaker of Chinese. I asked some native Chinese speakers, and they also had never heard this term. I have found any research indicating that the term 欧洲 is an abbreviation of 欧罗巴州, as the deleted sentence suggests, though 欧罗巴 is direct transliteration of the word Europe into Chinese. The word was used on the Chinese Language Wikipedia page refers to 欧罗巴 only as a transliteration for the Greek word "Europa." — Preceding unsigned comment added by Agenbite (talkcontribs) 27 January 2012

The image[edit]

Isn't that Europe image a bit big?

Change native spelling (transliteration) Ukrajina → Ukrayina[edit]

As native, I would like to declare that "Ukrayina" sounds closer to national variation rather than "Ukrajina".


Since Israel is located in Western Asia and the Middle East, can Israel be considered politically as part of Europe? The Arab and Muslims states won't let them in into several organizations since it participates in UEFA, EBU and vice versa. 2607:FEA8:61F:FFD3:7460:36A2:F0C3:3B0A (talk) 20:50, 15 September 2017 (UTC)

Only if a reliable and mainstream secondary source makes that claim, can we consider this. Arnoutf (talk) 20:58, 15 September 2017 (UTC)

It is not typically considered a part of Europe, but it has joined a number of European organisations, such as the European Broadcasting Union and CERN (European Organization for Nuclear Research). It has also signed a European Union Association Agreement, for non-member states of the Union which maintain "political, trade, social, cultural and security" links to it.

In effect, it has free trade arrangements with the Union, and has (at least nominally) agreed to comply with some of the Union's political standards: "Relations between the Parties, as well as all the provisions of the Agreement itself, shall be based on respect for human rights and democratic principles, which guides their internal and international policy and constitutes an essential element of this Agreement."

In recent years, a number of European politicians expressed their view that Israel should join the European Union as a full member. Among them Silvio Berlusconi and José María Aznar. Dimadick (talk) 11:57, 17 November 2017 (UTC)

This proposal is irrelevant for the following reasons (1) This article is about the geographical continent Europe, and Israel is not part of that (2) If we would use the membership of the EU as relevant to assign Europeness of a territory, all domains that are part of the EU should be listed as Europe to avoid bias (WP:NPOV) and that would include French overseas areas with EU voting rights located as far away as the Caribbean and the Pacific. I hope all agree that it would be ridiculous to list pacific islands as part of Europe. Arnoutf (talk) 18:14, 17 November 2017 (UTC)


I think catalonia can be mentioned in the list of de facto independent countries with limited to no international recognition. What do you think guys? — Preceding unsigned comment added by Erebus808 (talkcontribs) 02:54, 5 December 2017 (UTC)