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An article with 30+ links and at least a page of content, get equal disambiguation with an article with 4 links and a single paragraph stub? Sounds a bit odd to me... disambiguation isn't about what "deserves" to be a "primary" article, but about "what is the person searching for this word most likely looking for?" -- Chuq 07:34, 28 Aug 2004 (UTC)

I must admit a little pique that someone would remove the original meaning of a term to another page and not even link it (or fix inbound links). Especially when the band is named after the drink. I must note also that 30+ links is mostly because people have written articles for every album, EP and band member, and a lot of "1997 in music", "KROQ Acoustic Christmas" etc articles, all of which obviously would link to the band.
Certainly there's more to talk about, about a band, than about an alcoholic drink product (legendary though it might be). Does that make it more important? Does it mean for certain that when people are searching for the word, they are definitely more likely to mean the band than the drink? It's not so clear cut. —Morven 07:53, Aug 28, 2004 (UTC)