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Feather Sword[edit]

Hi. I just noticed this article, and was wondering how you were able to take my photo off the ARMA site, give the credit for it to Jake Norwood, and give it a copyright so it could be spread across the internet credited to Jake? To say nothing of the fact it is a quick picture I took just to post in the forum and if asked I would have provided a good picture. You can keep using it here.

Also, you might want to change the "The point of a Federschwert is spatulated and would probably have been covered with a leather sleeve, to make thrusting safer" part to "The point of a Federschwert is spatulated and it is possible it might have been covered with a leather sleeve, to make thrusting safer" since there is no historic evidence this was done. It was just mentioned in the post because it looked reasonable. We have done that to make them safer in the couple of years we have been fighting with them, though. David Welch

While I didn't make this page, nor take your image, I have made a few edits to the page. If you have time and an interest, please do take a better picture of the Federschwert. Also, feel free to edit and amend this page or others - that's how wikipedia grows. Knowledgeable individuals like yourself are invaluable here, and can provide the necessary influence and intelligence to make an article worthwhile. Also, I see that the image has been edited to reflect proper credit. -- Xiliquiern 19:35, 23 September 2006 (UTC)

Average Length[edit]

I'd like to know the source for this, if at all possible. Thanks! - 00:27, 23 December 2006 (UTC)

Rapiers and Duelling[edit]

Longswords and other types of swords were still being carried and used for informal dueling in Central and Northern Europe well into the 16th Century. That sentence is incorrect.