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Bohatirchuk is correct English form of his last name. See "Bohatirchuk Memorial" in Canada. Pronounce of name "Bohatirchuk" is the same in English and Ukrainian ("Богатирчук"). In Russian his name is "Богатырчук". "Bogatyrchuk" is an English in Russian style.

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It is certain that during the first months of the Nazi occupation Bogatyrchuk was involved with the Ukrainian Red Cross. His arrest by the Gestapo is also documented - see, for example, the document reproduced at The same source says that, at least on one occasion, he saved a Jewish woman from a sure death at the hands of the Germans. Bogatyrchuk was by all means a brilliant intellectual. It is therefore an extremely unfortunate fact that by 1944 he became a Nazi collaborator.

After the end of the II World War, the US, UK, and Canada chose to give asylim to numerous Nazi collaborators from the Eastern Europe. This is why Canada became a safe heaven for many Ukrainian collaborators. These policies were dictated by the exigencies of the Cold War, specifically by a hope to use some of these people in case the Cold War were to switch into a hot phase. While understandable from the practical viewpoint, these policies remain a shameful (and seldom exposed) episode in the history of the democratic powers. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:39, 11 August 2010 (UTC)