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  • maximum permeability is not used in Philips handbook - it was took from other source;
  • A_min is A_e min in Philips handbook - probably typo error (it is just below A_e) - need verification;
  • µ_i uses 'lim' in Philips handbook - seems to be 'overkill'; also the definition in handbook is physically incorrect, as it does not take into account the B_r - remaining induction when H=0 - the 'lim' is infinite! 'initially demagnetized' added to the handbook definition;
  • saturation induction, resistivity, and mass density - not specified in the handbook in 'SYMBOLS AND DEFINITIONS OF TERMS', but used in material description; the first is not obvious: it is measured for some standard H values, these values are different for different µ;
  • hysteresis constant and d.c. sensitivity constant - seems the explanation in the handbook is unclear and may contain typo error - need other source for their definitions;
  • 'effective' parameters for 'magnetic core parameters' - comparison to a toroid was for the volume only, seems it is correct for all four parameters;

JerzyTarasiuk (talk) 21:09, 21 May 2009 (UTC)