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Version and Release Notes Release date Brief Change Log
Catalyst 10.1 2010-01-27 'Ubuntu 9.10 production support', bug fixes
Catalyst 9.12 2009-12-17 Updated Catalyst Control Center, OpenGL 3.2, Bug fixes
Catalyst 9.11 2009-11-17 Support for RHEL 5.4 and OpenSuse 11.2, Bug fixes
Catalyst 9.10 2009-10-22 Support for Xrandr 1.3, Radeon R800 based cards and the ability for loading the fglrx kernel module when an open-source DRM kernel module is still loaded. Bug fixes.
Catalyst 9.9 2009-09-09 Support for OpenSUSE 11.1 and early look support for SLED and SLES 10 SP3. Bug fixes.
Catalyst 9.8 2009-08-17 Support for Linux 2.6.29 and 2.6.30, XrandR 1.2, OpenGL 3.1, Bug fixes.
Catalyst 9.7 2009-07-23 RedFlag DT 7.0 support. Bug fixes.
Catalyst 9.6 2009-06-14 X Server 1.7 support, support for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11. Early look support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.8. MultiView rendering on up to four GPUs using Xinerama with any mix of Radeon HD 2000, 3000, 4000.
Catalyst 9.5 2009-05-18 Bugfixes only.
Catalyst 9.4 2009-04-17 X Server 1.6 support, Ubuntu 9.04 support (buggy[1]).
Dropped support for Radeon R500 and older GPUs (i.e., Radeon X1950 and below).
Catalyst 9.3 2009-03-27 improved OpenGL composite support, last release to support pre X2xxx (pre DirectX10) Cards
Catalyst 9.2 2009-02-20 Bug fixes only.
Catalyst 9.1 2009-01-29 Support for OpenGL 3.0. Hybrid Crossfire support. Multiview support. Production support for Ubuntu 8.10.
Catalyst 8.12 2008-12-10 "Early Look" support for Ubuntu 8.10. Catalyst Control Center now shows bus and memory bandwidth. ATI Stream Computing support. SurroundView support (rendering multiple OpenGL applications across single/multiple displays).
Catalyst 8.11 2008-11-12 Support for RHEL 4.7. Xorg 7.4 (Xserver 1.5) support. Display scaling for standard TV timings. Catalyst Control Center now indicates when application is running in CrossFireX mode.
Catalyst 8.10 2008-10-15 Several bugfixes.
Catalyst 8.9 2008-09-17 Support for Red Flag DT6SP1, OpenSUSE 11.
Catalyst 8.8 2008-08-20 Support for CrossFireX, adaptive antialiasing, overclocking, MultiView.
Catalyst 8.7 2008-07-21 Support for Ubuntu 8.04 xorg 7.3 (not 8.10 with xorg 7.4), OpenSUSE 11, Red Flag DT 7.0.
Catalyst 8.6 2008-06-18 UYVY and YUY2 pixel format support for interleaved stream video playback. Radeon HD 4850/4870 support (not listed in release notes due to timing of product introduction).
Catalyst 8.5 2008-05-21 Catalyst A.I., improved 2D performance, DKMS support in installer, Linux 2.6.25 support.
Catalyst 8.4 2008-04-16 "Early look" support for Ubuntu 8.04 ("Hardy Heron"). XVideo extension and VESA frambuffer black screen bug fixes. Packaging script updates.
Catalyst 8.3 2008-03-05 X-Video support for the Xpress 1200. Blocky video and diagonal tearing no longer occurs when using X-Video. Fixes problems with screen resolutions not integer multiples of 64 pixels. Image brightness issues resolved.
Catalyst 8.2 2008-02-13 Changing screen resolution in a horizontal or vertical desktop setup without DDC no longer crashes, the Xserver no longer freezes on shutdown if atieventsd is running, the first OpenGL application run after starting a session on Xserver version 1.4 no longer hangs.
Catalyst 8.1 2008-01-18 Repaired screen corruption after a longer time period, custom mode lines in xorg.conf will no longer be ignored by the fglrx driver, suspending to RAM or DISK on Linux 2.6.23 or later no longer fails.
Catalyst 7.12 2007-12-20 Add FireGL support. OpenGL memory leak fixed.
Catalyst 7.11 2007-11-21 early-look support for new operating systems.
8.42.3 2007-10-23 AIGLX support, Xserver 1.4 support.
8.41.7 2007-09-12 HD 2xxx (R600) and new driver codebase with big performance improvements.[2]
8.40.4 2007-08-13 TV Out Functionality and Catalyst Control Center Linux Edition features are introduced.
8.39.4 2007-07-23 The kernel module build no longer fails on Linux 2.6.22.
8.38.7 2007-06-28 Hotfix for segmentation fault when using aticonfig --initial
8.38.6 2007-06-25 support for RHEL5 and fixes the moving a video window between two monitors in a big desktop configuration and playing multiple videos at the same time with textured video issues.
8.37.6 2007-05-31 the Catalyst Control Center version 1.0 and resolved few issues.
8.36.5 2007-04-18 support for Linux 2.6.20.
8.35.5 2007-03-28 Beta version of the 'AMD Catalyst Control Centre: Linux Edition' to replace the FireGL Control panel
8.34.8 2007-02-21 support for ATI Xpress 1250 IGP and fixes the XVideo Extension loading segfault on X1K cards and x86-64 server.
8.33.6 2007-01-10 support for X.Org 7.2 and Linux 2.6.19.
8.32.5 2006-12-13 support for the ATI Radeon X1650 Support and X.Org 7.2 RC2.
8.31.5 2006-11-15
8.30.3 2006-10-31
8.29.6 2006-09-20 support for Linux 2.6.18.
Dropped support for Radeon R200 based cards (i.e., the series of Radeon 8500 through 9250).
8.28.8 2006-08-18 support for ATI Radeon Xpress 1200, 1250 and 1300 models and allows IBM/Lenovo, ThinkPads to switch the active display devices using the Fn+F7 hotkey. ATI now publish a unified installer which detects the host architecture (x86 or amd64) and installs the appropriate packages. The driver now remembers which display devices were activated across restarts, rather than unilaterally enabling all attached displays. Some problems with XVideo have been identified with this release.
8.27.10 2006-07-27 support for X.Org 7.1 as well as Fedora Core. Issues relating to OpenGL with Java2D and launching XGL on display :0 have been fixed. However, TV Out is still unsupported on Radeon X1x00 cards and the OpenGL issues with Radeon 9000 appear to be unresolved.
8.26.18 2006-06-26 mostly concerned with minor bug fixes. However, it does include an events daemon which allows hotplugging of Digital Flat Panels and thermal throttling of the GPU through daemon events to prevent overheating.
8.25.18 2006-05-24 support for FireGL V7350, V7300, V7200, V5200, V3400, V3350 & V2200 and enables DPMS support by default. X.Org 7.0 is now supported by the installer. At least eleven issues have been resolved with this release.
8.24.8 2006-04-18 support for X.Org 7.0 and Linux 2.6.16. The driver now supports the Radeon X1300/X1600/X1800/X1900 (including Mobility versions of these) as well as adding accelerated video support on Avivo cards.
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