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May 25, 2007Good article nomineeNot listed

Semi-protected edit request on 1 June 2018[edit]

Hello, There is a broken citation/reference link. I'd request you to either remove or replace with the relatable source. Sanaafreenahmed (talk) 13:02, 1 June 2018 (UTC)

Not done. Sanaafreenahmed, exactly which ref is broken? How to deal with broken links is described at the relevant guideline. Graham87 14:40, 1 June 2018 (UTC)

6 or more tastes[edit]

The article should at minimum mention that the 5 tastes are disputed. SkrillixWasTooSoon (talk) 18:09, 12 June 2018 (UTC)

Semi-protected edit request on 13 June 2018[edit]

Please replace the caption Population density of world regions with Population density by country. This doesn't show regions. If it did, western Russia, southeastern China, northeastern USA, and metropolitan France would be much darker than northeastern Siberia, Xinjiang, Alaska, and French Guiana. (talk) 13:34, 13 June 2018 (UTC)

 Done L293D ( • ) 15:11, 13 June 2018 (UTC)

How many Tastes are there?[edit]

I think there are 7 tastes: sweet, sour, salty, bitter, savoury, spicy, and don't forget tart. Julian Khachan (talk) 05:31, 28 December 2018 (UTC)

Food in countries[edit]

Can we all contribute in developing a food section in all wikipedia pages of different countries? It would be extremely exciting and informative to know about the various cuisines and staple foods of all nations. 2004Åñïket10 (talk) 05:04, 21 July 2019 (UTC)