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First, awesome assembly of different examples. Kudos.

Second, I think there is a general allusion to the fourth (or several higher) dimensions in SF in "hyperspace" drives. After all a hypercube is a tesseract. Hyperspace is sometimes used as a synonym for the fourth dimension (in geometry). And the ships wink in and out of "normal" space.

Another example is in Heinlein's Starman Jones: the mechanism of FTL is described as movement through anomalies where space is folded close to each other). The discussion of folding a scarf and putting it in a thimble for instance (as if someone had folded the Flatlander's world.) And the shifts are instantaneous across great stretches of 3-D space. There is also a discussion where the protagonist is playing 3-D chess and describing it to a girl...and mentions that the real studs do 4-D chess. FWIW, the protagonist is a "hillbilly".

Interestingly, Heinlein's high school classmates said this about him, "He thinks in terms of the fifth dimension, never stopping at the fourth" in the yearbook.

TCO (talk) 00:02, 11 July 2013 (UTC)