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Editorializing Re: B-24 "Hot Stuff"[edit]

The following paragraph, though touching on a valid debate, smacks of editorializing:

The B-24D Liberator that crashed, named "Hot Stuff", is on record as being the first heavy bomber in the 8th Air Force to complete 25 missions. She and her crew also flew 5 more before being pulled to go back to the states. Hot Stuff flew the 25th mission on 7 February 1943, three-and-a-half months before "Memphis Belle", but as it was destroyed in the crash, the War Department chose to send the B-17 home and celebrate it as the first one. It's reasonable to assume the public relations people didn't really want to explain why Five Men in Hot Stuff's crew were bumped off the ship with little warning to give Andrews, members of his staff and a number of chaplains a ride to the states. We can speculate as to why normal procedures involving communications, weather, fuel stops, etc. and the plans for that "First to Complete 25 Missions" protocol were also not observed.

I vote that this paragraph be deleted from this article and the debate moved to the page about the Hot Stuff herself.TH1980 (talk) 02:02, 26 February 2018 (UTC)