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Who is the father?[edit]

Several documents cite Antoine Achard as the father, others including the one external link name Max Wilhelm Achard (Max Guillaume). The Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie names a Francois Achard, which however seems to be wrong. It may be the french name of Franz himself.

Does anybody have a reliable source? I am going to edit the article in a way that Max Guillaume appears as the father, as the most extensive biography here cites this name.

-- Ravn 10:23, 12 Jul 2004 (UTC)

Hi A message here from Hans . I am relative to Franz Carl. A far as I remember there were three brothers coming from Geneva, going to Berlin. Franz Carl the chemist, Antoine the priest, Johann Franz the soldier. (or Jean Francois) I am desendant of the latter. I will have to look it up more precisely, but I think the father was Victor, who fled to Geneva from St Colombe in france. (Hugenot) The grand daughter of Jean Francois, married a dutch guy and was the last one in the bloodline....but we still carry the family name Achard so let me know if this helps you, I'll look it up to confirm


Hans DD dec 7, 2004