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1917 "Scandal"[edit]

In the article about Beatrix Potter's Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes, it talks about a scandal in 1917 that nearly ruined the company. This is the passage in specific:

In 1917 Frederick Warne & Co. suffered a scandal, and asked Potter for a book in an effort to stave off the firm's complete ruin. .... Seven rhymes with their accompanying illustrations were chosen and published as Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes. The book sold well.

That article doesn't mention what in particular the scandal was, and this article mentions absolutely nothing at all. Anyone know what it is? (Given the year, any newspaper articles identified to be about said scandal would be in the public domain as being published prior to 1923, which should simplify searches.) --Mûĸĸâĸûĸâĸû (blah?) 15:33, 27 September 2016 (UTC)


I seem to recall adding references to this article back in 2015, with it making extensive changes. Feels very weird and almost like the Mandela effect in that it appears not. This may however be a miss memory for Routledge, the sister company that I did a lot of work on around the same time. I think I recall F Warne being harder to find sources for. If anyone finds any, can you please add them to the article or post them here, it would be much appreciated. Thanks. Uamaol (talk) 12:47, 25 January 2017 (UTC)