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Removal of "expatriate students being unable to pass due to Islam (subject)"[edit]

"expatriate school pupils who choose not to study Islam are unable to pass their end of year school exams." The government denied these allegations.

I want to call for a removal of this part. Because I have first-hand witnessed how foreign students are quizzed in the exams. They are not required to study Divehi or Islam (and most probably can't, because its in Divehi). The grade average is taken as the mean of what they do study. For K-7, this could be Science, Social, English, Math, Art (PA), without the inclusion of Divehi and Islam, which are mandatory for all Maldivians. Perhaps this particular case was an isolated incident, and isn't certainly the norm. --CRC43 (talk) 06:05, 6 December 2012 (UTC)