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This is a stub entry.

Further planned developments include:

  • Other examples of frictionless sharing besides the Facebook example
  • Use of the phrase before Zuckerberg's F8 conference in 2011
  • Criticisms of Frictionless sharing e.g. privacy implications.

Contributions, comments, etc welcomed.

16:01, 15 January 2012 (UTC) It has been proposed that this page should be merged with the Facebook entry. However the intention is to provide an application-independent definition of this term. Other social media applications, such as Smartr, provide similar functionality. In addition the term predates the F8 conference in September 2011 - Martin Weller, for example, used the term in an article on The Cost of Sharing: Clay Shirky argues that the cost of organisation has disappeared, and I believe this is because sharing is easy, frictionless.