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These references were in the original 1911 article. Charles Matthews 13:05, 15 Dec 2004 (UTC)

The best introduction to Jacobi's philosophy is the preface to the second volume of the Works, and Appendix 7 to the Letters on Spinoza's Theory. See also J Kuhn, Jacobi und die Philosophie seiner Zeit (1834); F Deycks, F. H. Jacobi im Verhältnis zu seinen Zeitgenossen (1848); H Düntzer, Freundesbilder aus Goethes Leben (1853); E Zirngiebl, F. H. Jacobis Leben, Dichten, und Denken, 1867; F. Harms, Über die Lehre von F. H. Jacobi (I876). Jacobi's Auserlesener Briefwechsel has been edited by F Roth in 2 vols. (1825-1827).


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