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Since Wikipedia is a readers' service, I have added the actual words of the song, annotated.--Wetman (talk) 05:55, 5 June 2009 (UTC)

   My best guess about what "a readers' service" means in the preceding is "something other than what MoSDab would seem to imply about what WP is". Well, anyway that long-established guideline makes clear that [the text of] a poem, found inside a Dab page, is supposed to be moved elsewhere or discarded. I'm splitting it out in the belief that it can be fruitfully discussed separated from the overlength article on The Tempest as a whole -- even without the inclusion of the whole text -- and probably even if it did not have a such a substantial life, as a work discussed beyond its role as part of the play.
--Jerzyt 07:54, 15 October 2012 (UTC)

Primary topic?[edit]

   Many of the editors of the accompanying Dab page have left the passage in The Tempest that is also called "Ariel's Song" as the first entry -- at glance, perhaps each each editor since it was added in that position, in the next edit after the page was converted to a tagged Dab, after being a band-article-cum-remarks (that were about a few of the other uses of the phrase).
   While there is no indication that any of them regarded "Ariel's Song" as the primary topic, neither does any seem to have made any effort to provide the "may/may also" wording that seems to be adaptable to every real Dab, whether primary-topic or equal-Dab'n, so i regard them as silent on primary topic. I think that the edit summary "quoting the context rather than mystify the reader" does implicitly argue the utility of that original context to all users of the Dab and thus the utility of beginning the Dab page with that material -- which IMO does not at all imply a position on whether there is a primary topic.
   I would be agreeable to a solution where there is no new article nor Dab but "Full Fathom Five" (Tempest) or "Full Fathom Five" (The Tempest). (On the other hand, "Ariel's Song" being a Rdr to the 85kB article The Tempest -- without any label within the article specified, as currently -- is barbaric, and so is the same address as a lk w/in the Dab.)
   On the other hand, i am proceeding by also creating a new article Full fathom five (catchphrase), on the three-word catchphrase, which should enumerate

  1. well-known instances of it to mean "thirty feet deep" (whether about drowning or not), along with
  2. more metaphorical uses, and
  3. uses that refer just to death, loss, mystery, or finality, or are frank puns. (E.g., tho i don't know if the about 136 Google hits for "full phantom five" refer to a single work, i'm at least not the first to think of it. -- As opposed to "Fall Phantom Five", which apparently no one else regards as a catchy name for a pick-up band playing a Hallowe'en gig.)

I suggest that that is a separate topic from the poem/song, tho i think it and "Full Fathom Five" (Tempest) should link to each other.
   I proceed with that, without waiting for discussion, in the belief that it will explain itself better than i can otherwise explain it, and that implementation and then reversion of a bad idea is far from the worst thing that happens at WP.
--Jerzyt 07:54, 15 October 2012 (UTC)