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Shouldn't be merged[edit]

Shouldn't this one be merged with the article on the word-faith movement? Similar material down the line ...

NO! Full Gospel references the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in Particular the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. There are Full Gospel churches that do not even embrace the "prosperity gospel" or word-faith movement that is an entirely seperate subject. The reverse of "full" is "empty" refering to not missing parts or aspects of the "complete" gospel. IN other words, how modern Christianity has excluded aspects of the original gospel that were prevalent in the early church such as full immersion baptism, divine healing, and speaking in tongues. Only a casual observer would link prosperity ministries with the full gospel. There are thousands of small, poor churches who are quite content because they are embracing the "full" message of Jesus Christ, and are not preaching the prosperity message. In conclusion, "full gospel" equals evangelicals that speak in tongues and believe in divine healing (pentecostals).

NO!! It should NOT be merged with "Faith" movement[edit]

The Full Gospel movement is NOT part and parcel of the "Word of Faith" movement. The Full Gospel movement is about moving in the gifts of the is the "Word of Faith" movement. But implicit in the "Word" movement is the idea that God MUST move according to our statement of faith. The Full Gospel movement does not necessarily believe that. It is much more accepting and open to the soverignty of God, while still believing in miracles and the ability of God to be moved by prayer...but not manipulated by prayer.

With regard to the "prosperity gospel", the Full Gospel movement believes that God desires His children to live in abundance...we do not necessarily equate with can be blessing, health, spiritual abundance, etc.

Seems that there was only one or two advocates of the merge and they didn't defend themselves. I'm removing the merge notice. --Locarno 5 July 2005 19:55 (UTC)

Very bad article[edit]

This article is so bad, most of it will have to go. I think the paragraph about A.B. Simpson's "Gospel Tabernacle" could have some truth to it, but there are no sources for that one either. I'll do what I can, but this article is gonna have to be gutted. Ltwin (talk) 18:52, 18 July 2011 (UTC)