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I have done a quick edit of the originally article. I suspect the author's first language is not English and I have tried retain the intended meaning. I also added links to articles on a number of projects referenced in this article. I'll look for some secondary references to conform to Wikipedia standards.

I am one of the GNUPanel developers. GNUPanel does, in fact appear in authoritative third party applications. Due to the fact that many following the project are Spanish speaking, most quality external references are available only in Spanish (sometimes, in print only). I will try to gather a list of references that can be linked (possibly, some from and revise the article. Additionally, no claims are made in the article regarding GNUPanels suitability for any particular purpose. Only the features and software that it installs are listed. For this purpose, the main project page seems suitable. Tinkertim (talk) 14:13, 4 May 2010 (UTC)