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"Sixteen Tons"[edit]

"has generally been credited as being written in 1946 by country singer Merle Travis, who was the first to record it"

As in the "Sixteen Tons" article, the wording of this implies that Travis didn't write the song, that he is just "credited" with writing it and was "first to record it".

As the article points out, George S. Davis claimed to have originated the song.

Is there any evidence to validate this claim apart from Davis himself? The article cites his 1966 recording of "Sixteen Tons" - twenty years after Travis - and his own claim to have written it.

If there is evidence, it should be footnoted.

I'm not judging whether Davis's claim is valid, just pointing out that it shouldn't be used to undermine Travis's status as composer without verifying sources. Lyn50 (talk) 22:15, 13 November 2013 (UTC)