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The quality of this page is unusually low. I have issues with almost every sentence. Beginning with the title: Is it "Gifar" or "GIFAR"? The page title is mixed-case, but the article uses all-uppercase.

"Graphics Interchange Format Java Archives (GIFAR) is malware that allows a hacker to piggy back off the victim’s HTTP cookies." How does it do that? Does it really only affect cookies? I doubt that.

"A GIFAR is a photo that can "borrow" an victim's online credentials, possibly taking over the web user's session." Strange language, and no explanation on how it does this.

"This technique works because GIF images [...] store their header in the beginning of the file, and JAR (ZIP) files store their data in the end." How? Why?

"Any site that includes login sessions with user-uploaded pictures can be vulnerable." As far as I understand it, the vulnerability is not on the host, but rather on the client side...?

Unfortunately I can't fix the page, as I know too little of the topic. IMHO it needs a complete rewrite. FBitterlich (talk) 10:46, 12 September 2012 (UTC)