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Irrelevant information?[edit]

I removed two pieces of information from this article that do not seem directly relevant. They are: 1. "Laura Bernasconi was also a woman painter of still-life flowers in Rome in the 1670s."

2. "The Cleveland Museum of Art, in a short biography below a painting attributed to her, claims she traveled to Northern Europe [1]."

Info on Bernasconi is scant and she was known to be active four years after Garzoni's death, so they were not contemporaries. I don't know if Garzoni might have influenced Bernasconi and do not have any sources suggesting a connection. I removed the second piece of info since it doesn't seem to be linked to her career or any other elements of her life and the link is dead. Arthistorygrrl (talk) 04:53, 3 April 2013 (UTC)