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On GiantSnowman banners[edit]

I removed the banner on Notability on this painter and art historian. I recently criticized User:GiantSnowman for inappropriately deleting an article using PROD or Wikipedia:Proposed deletion, when I had opposed such a deletion. This did not follow Wikipedia procedures.

Now I find that nearly all my submissions including this one have notability banners.

Each article is not meant to be the final word on these artists, and is almost certain to need alteration. I just find that this user's response to my criticism was to double down on all my work. The banners often seem randomly applied. For example, in this article there was a criticism of inline references. See for example, my criticism of his banners on Tito Moretti.

Zaist is one of the main sources on information on artists active in Cremona, Italy prior to the 1800s. He is a main source for Graselli's biographies. He was the teacher of Giovanni Manfredini, who frescoed the cupola of the church of San Facio (built 1758) in Cremona.

Rococo1700 (talk) 14:28, 9 August 2013 (UTC)