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Material removed from article GT[edit]

Golden Ticket, about the Charlie and the Chocolate Factory plot device, included the following sections:

==Use on Television Shows==

The role of the Golden Ticket was reprised in some manner on several American television shows:

===Singled Out===

In later seasons of the MTV dating game show Singled Out, a Golden Ticket was given to the contestant narrowing down the pool of potential dates; upon eliminating a category of contestants, the picker could give the Golden Ticket to one eliminated contestant as they passed by; this player automatically advanced to the next round of the game.

===Big Brother===

The concept of the Golden Ticket was also used by producers of Big Brother UK in 2006, whereby members of the public had the chance to find Golden Tickets hidden in Nestle's Kit Kat chocolate bars. The tickets gave finders the opportunity to enter the Big Brother House as a housemate. There were 34 golden ticket winners altogether, including Danielle James, Vicky Ellis, Phil Colaco and Su Carter. After a lottery selection, Susie Verrico was selected to enter.

This was repeated in Australia with Starburst packets.

===American Idol===

The Golden Ticket can also be seen in the US show, American Idol. During the first round of the competition, contestants who make it through to the Hollywood round of the show receive a "Golden Ticket", which is really a goldenrod-colored sheet of paper admitting them to the second round of auditions.

===The Office===

The Golden Ticket was the basis of an episode of the American version of The Office entitled "Golden Ticket". Michael places several "Golden Tickets" in the office's paper shipments offering their clients a 10% discount, and all five end up going to the same client, effectively giving them fifty percent off.

There is no indication that a reference to the GTs of the novel were intended, so the information is presumably irrelevant to that article. Some of this material may (or not) be suitable to aid creation of entries in the accompanying Dab; coverage in an article, and thus notability for mention in such article, would be preconditions.
--Jerzyt 18:43, 4 September 2009 (UTC)