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I'm not sure what 'Goronya' means, but it's surely no coincidence that the Gorons of Zelda are rock-men that roll around. Also, "Graveler" is Goroon (a long O, thus the same thing as Goron), so there's definitely a word I'm not realizing that refers to a rolling rock guy.

Absolutely Ridiculous Incorrect Fact[edit]

So here is the geodude page

Read this in specific

Geodude most frequently are found in fields and on mountains. It is precisely this that makes people step or trip on them from time to time, thinking they were rocks. Its arms are so strong that it can use them to climb mountains. Many people in winter enjoy Geodude fights, in which they hurl snow-covered Geodudes at each other. Strangely, the Geodudes have no objection towards this.

Totally plausable, right?

Now look at the Golem pageémon%29

Golems are also popular for "Golem fights" during winter, in which people hurl snow-covered Golems at one another.

Weight 661.0 lb (300 kg)

I'm not going to change it though because I'm not an expert on Pokemon 'folklore'. 08:20, 8 July 2006 (UTC)