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Adding back full game music to a separate page[edit]

Here's an archived article, For anyone that feels like making the effort. To link above soundtrack section. Cheers. Baseballfan (talk) 08:09, 17 January 2016 (UTC)

Undid edit without any reason[edit]

Some guy Lordtobi just undid my edit without any reason, obviously the guy hasn't played the game, so he doesn't know what's in it.

I described stuff that was in the game, for example, the Scarface mansion El Fureidis (real life name) was in the game, and game's boats and cars were inspired from the 80s TV series Miami Vice.

— Preceding unsigned comment added by Rudolph Davis (talkcontribs) 17:19, 30 January 2016 (UTC)

First of all, the anonymous user was not me, secondly, the edit you did were plain unsconstructive to the article. What you did was adding "(Ton'y Mansion El Fureidis)" and adding "(Cars, boats and yachts)" in italics. While you might be partially right, both edits are malformed and unsourced as well. If you actually tried to make a constructive edit, you should have tried to rephrase the sentence to sensefully put that information in (which you can still do). But in genereal, since the citations are missing since over three years now, the sentence might be reconstructed alltogether.
If you wish, discuss the names with me here and I will put them correctly, but next time you are reverted, please try to head to the talk page first to avoid edit warring and never argue in capital letters like you did in the revert of yours: "HAVE YOU NOT SEEN THE MOVIE SCARFACE ?".
Please not that, if something is up for discussion, it is discussed first and changed afterwards per BOLD, revert, discuss, which is why I will now also undo your latest changes. Sincerly, Lordtobi () 17:59, 30 January 2016 (UTC)
Wikipedia Editors must not act in a manner that is disruptive in such a way, that they engage in edit warring. It is not constructive, and could lead to the possible likelihood of the editor(s) causing the trouble being disciplined by the site's admins. Please discuss matters regarding subjects in the Talk Pages, and do not give out argutive reasons, especially in CAPITOL LETTERS, as it sets a bad example to other users. Lordtobi is correct to point this out to you, Rudoph Davis. GUtt01 (talk) 03:48, 1 February 2016 (UTC)

Digital-only releases[edit]

Because some games are only released in digital, it's best to be specific about them. I mean if you simply say "PS3" or "PS4" in the infobox, there's a chance that whoever reads it will go on a wild goose chase looking for the disc for either platform. Therefore it's best to be specific in these kind of things. (talk) 14:20, 23 July 2016 (UTC)

There are a lot of games that only receive digital releases, but it's not our job to clarify this in the infobox; this can be done within the article. Regardless, PS3 and PS4 don't belong in the infobox as the game is only emulated on those platforms, which is prohibited per template documentation. – Rhain 14:26, 23 July 2016 (UTC)

Download game to ps2 gta — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 23:27, 17 September 2016 (UTC)