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Removed para[edit]

I have removed the following para from the article:

There are Government offices and corridors, linking the nearby Royal palaces, beneath the east side of Green Park, which continue to run to the south. These are clearly visible on the edges of Green Park and St. James's Park, with the glass roofs just below ground level. The rooms are thought to be conversions of some of the tunnels built as part of the Cabinet War Rooms from the Second World War.

There are two things wrong here:

  • It doesn't cite any refs
  • It is observably untrue in that there are no glass roofs "just below ground level" that are "clearly visible" anywhere in the park.

I have no idea whether there are tunnels under Green Park, but if WP is going to say there are, we need a bit more evidence than a falacious "clearly visible". -- chris_j_wood (talk) 18:07, 31 May 2015 (UTC)

Incidentally, I've just checked and this para was added in 2008 by an anonymous contributor who made only one other edit. I now believe that this is a bit of unspotted vandalism. -- chris_j_wood (talk) 09:57, 1 June 2015 (UTC)