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{{Original research}}[edit]

Some examples:

  • "Parker's first term (1993-96) was characterized by near-continuous touring of rural BC which had, up to that point, negligible or highly intermittent organization outside of the Okanagan and Comox Valleys. This touring paid off in yielding on-going organization throughout the province, enabling the party to come just four candidates short of a full slate."
  • "Although he was arrested in logging road blockades in 1993 and 1997, Parker's Greens actually invested more resources in opposing the BC Benefits package of welfare reforms and working on other social issues than it did on any significant environmental issue."
  • "Although the campaign only submitted enough signatures in four of the province's 79 ridings, Free Your Vote was successful in mobilizing new support for reform. But it also appears to have hardened the party's support for a single model of proportional representation (mixed-member, closed-list) and public condemnation of others."
  • "Running a candidate in Delta South, where the party had no organizational strength whatsoever, probably caused the defeat of Vicki Huntington, a green-leaning city councillor running as an independent."
  • "Another factor was the party's inability to counter the polarized environment and vote-splitting rhetoric, a staple of BC politics, that had temporarily lost credibility during the 2001 campaign, but returned with new force in 2005. Carr's initial seizure of power based on opposition to Parker-era NDP coalitions left the party with little room to manoeuvre."

A lot of effort has been put into this article and, not particularly knowledgeable on GPBC history myself, I'm hesitant to wipe the slate clean. But clearly a lot of stuff in this article is speculation or opinion. Kelvinc 05:21, 14 September 2007 (UTC)

As "someone who was there" at the party's founding, and also a Wikipedia regular, I have to agree - most of this article is not encyclopedic content and is clearly WP:COI as well as WP:AUTO in places. If those Greens who contributed to this page want to move most of this party history to a private/independent website, that's fine, and it can be used as a citation. But as it sits, most of it should be deleted and only citable materials should remain. Clearly internal-party POV like the phrase "Carr's initial seizure of power...etc" are not suitable, and are also rhetorical polemic in the extreme, and reflect the sentiments of only one party faction - the "anti-power faction"; I remember too well people coming to meetings and conventions denouncing the volunteer effort in the Vancouver office as "power grabbers", without themselves contributing anything other than the $2 membership fee and some extermely lengthy tracts the office was supposed to publish and circulate on their behalf; Adrienne didn't "seize power", she was appointed/voted to it by near-consensus from those actively involved in the organization at the time; she and Paul did form a certain bloc within that, but portraying this as "seizing power" is just POV crap and is reminiscent of the paranoia about leadership politics which led to the party shooting itself in the foot by refusing to have a leader on ideological grounds. My own views are beside the point, except to say that I could equally contribute to this article on the POV/OR scale it's already exhibiting such that its principal authors wouldn't like it very much. This article reads much more like a partisan tract and violates "essay" and other article issues concerns more than even the Liberal Party and Conservative and NDP pages do. Delete most of it; it's high time.Skookum1 (talk) 14:04, 23 May 2009 (UTC)

Wally Thomas and Ted Mousseau - 1983[edit]

I remember both Wall and Ted being candidates - in West Van and North Van-Capilano (unless Ted was in West Van-Seymour). Or was the the federal election, and not the provincial one?Skookum1 (talk) 13:55, 23 May 2009 (UTC)