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guinea grass is a little village (not a town in the northern part of belize. it at first looks like what you might have seen in the southern mississippi about 50 years ago. it is a six mile trip from the northern highway west. this takes about a half hour to drive if you don't mind destroying your truck in the process. if you have more time it is a good idea to take it since most of the traffic on this road is 5 ton trucks hauling sugar cane to the factory or logs to the mill. there is a bus that runs from orange walk to gg about three times a daya and a lot of other private vehicles since gg is the largest village in the orange walk district. the life style is so laid back that you should not be discouraged if it takes an hour to get a ride hitchhiking.. the average charge is $1 bz ($ .50 us). unless you are familiar with the area or know people you should not travel at night, especially on foot. this is also as dangerous a part of the country as it is beautiful. there is not much to do in gg there are not any clubs , only a couple of bars (risky) no hotel or other tourist attractions. the river is on one side of the village and it is a nice swim. you should always be mindful of crocodiles however i have swam there about thirty times and never seen one at this part of the new river. a few miles past gg is shipyard, a minnonite settlement (german farmers) these guys destroy thousands of beautiful rain forest jungle to grow things like corn and peanuts... beyond shipyard is indian church. this is the location of lamini ruins(maya). if you are intrested in seeing ruins go to lamini it is much better than the famous "altun ha" and on the new river lagoon so you can swim when you get hot. it does get hot down there. here there are crocodile so have fun but be mindful. if you get the chance to go fishing here do it! you can find many prehistoric looking fish that you will not see in n. america or the sea. you can catch diner or just troll for 6' tarpon. you also may see a jibiru stork. he is the largest bird in this hemisphere with a wing span of about nine feet and is also indangered. you will definately want to carry a camera here. if you really want to see cool ruins and don't have other things to see in the orange walk district you should check out xunantinich. it is in cayo district. six hours on a bus and about $5 and your there. the west freiz is an awesome photo op. i will wrap this up because i am tired of typing but to put it in a nutshell i have spent over a year living in belize. i have lived in the bush on the new river laggon, in guinea grass, orange walk town, and bullet tree falls(cayo dist.) and they all are the most beautiful place in the world i have been. the one thing you will hopefully dislike as much as i is the lack of appreciation for its beauty by the locals. you will see trash everywhere. all over the highways , on the small roads and if you wide a bus you will see person after person finish there tacos and coke and throw it right out the window while driving. it is almost like nobody cares and more .. its hot there and you will need sun screen and bug repellant no matter where you decide to go. maybe in a few years well start a bed and breakfast in bullet tree or gg and we'll see you there!!!! 18:41, 6 October 2006 (UTC) Let me attempt to summarize the long-winded paragraph above: Guinea Grass is a village, not a town.