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Somewhere or other I read an article where somebody from the British aerospace company that worked on it said that HOTOL was a response to the NASP. He said something along the lines of 'we didn't see how NASP could ever work, but we couldn't afford to get left behind, and we couldn't afford to do the scramjet stuff, so HOTOL was the next best thing. Eventually we found out the NASP was mostly a bluff as part of the Reagan 'Star Wars' program and the Americans probably never expected it to work either, but by then we'd spent millions on HOTOL. You'd have thought the b******s could have told us!!!'.

It sounds pretty plausible, the timelines match up. That's the best I can remember it, it was in one of the aerospace magazines. Anyone have a referenced? I'd love to add it to the article if anyone has it.

So it was all a bit dumb to start with, but the follow-on Skylon concept seems much better sorted.- (User) WolfKeeper (Talk) 22:35, 15 December 2007 (UTC)