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Added Block of Info[edit]

The following block of information was added by an anonymous user. Can anyone verify it? -AKeen 06:40, 24 January 2006 (UTC)

Habanera Rock - a rock 'n' roll or rhythm and blues song or arrangement that has as its rhythm foundation the habanera or other latin rhythms such as the bossa nova, the cha-cha-cha, the rhumba, the samba or the baion. Habanera rock was especially popular in the US during the 1960s. It hit the charts and radio airwaves regularly in records by The Drifters, Jay and The Americans, Gene Pitney, Chuck Jackson, Ben E. King, The Crystals, The Ronettes, Elvis Presley and many others. The style predates the '60s, however, as examples of it can be found in 50's rock records like "Bo Diddley" (by Bo Diddley), "Not Fade Away" (by Buddy Holly) and "Willie And The Hand Jive" (by Johnny Otis). Latin rock, as exemplified by bands like Santana, is related to but different from habanera rock, being ground more firmly in a Latino cultural context.

According to a review in Amazon, the book "Always Magic in the Air: The Bomp and Brilliance of the Brill Building Era" by Ken Emerson (ISBN 0670034568) contains information about habanera rock. Pingku 03:13, 27 October 2006 (UTC)

Dance & music in prose[edit]

Trying to describe either music or dance in words alone has limited payoff for readers who do not already know what is being described. Longer term, we should move towards links to visual and aural files which might be appreciated by readers who have little training in these arts. Macdonald-ross (talk) 09:22, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

Agreed. Just noting, though, that it's been pretty difficult finding good stuff for the article, and it is, of course, a work in progress. Steve Pastor (talk) 15:22, 13 July 2009 (UTC)

I just noticed that there ARE two files at the bottom of the article. I've never been able to play ogg files from this site, and can't access the mp3 file. Can someone make these files more accessible? Steve Pastor (talk) 21:51, 13 July 2009 (UTC)


Is this correct in that it is a regular 'n' instead of 'ñ'?

Merger proposal[edit]

I propose that Contradanza be merged into Habanera (music). I think these pages refer to the same thing with a different name. Since Habanera is the internationally most known name, I think this one should be the destination page. Note that Habanera does link to French Contradanza as an earlier form from which it derives, but probably that should have been French Contra dance. LazyStarryNights (talk) 19:51, 16 July 2013 (UTC)

I agree with the merger into Habanera as well. Also to note, it was not only the French out of Saint-Domingue (modern-day Haiti), but also freed slaves to influence this style as well. It is originally from Europe yes, but it wasn't a direct influence. It was carried from Cuba's neighbor.[1] Savvyjack23 (talk) 06:14, 5 February 2014 (UTC)

I may disagree - on this basis: if the Contradanza was the name first given to this music that is what it should primarily be known as. To do otherwise would be to fail to honour the people who originated the music. And if it is the case that Contradanza was its first given name; then it may also be most appropriate for the articles to be merged under the Contradanza heading; and for the Habanera article to be shortened as appropriate.

Hewer7 (talk) 23:44, 30 March 2014 (UTC)