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I added an NPOV notice to this page because it is 90% rubbish. It is obviously copied from some low-life propaganda sources. It starts off with some wild sweeping statements about Arab countries, completely ignoring the facts which were vastly more complex. Then it devotes itself to one particular Arab who is apparently good enough to stand in for all Arabs as far as the title of this page is concerned. Amin was indeed a Nazi collaborator, but there is already a page on him (which is also pretty awful but not so awful as this page). Some of the claims presented here as facts are impossible to verify, such as the "slaughter the Jews wherever you find them" claim. Things like this were invented in bulk in the lead-up to the 1947 UN partitition vote and few have ever been established as facts (but it is certainly true that he made broadcasts from Berlin urging Moslems to rise up in support of the Germans). I tried to trace a similar claim once and ended with a document supposedly held by the US national Archives which turned out not to exist. The "quote" from the Mufti's memoirs does not appear there; in fact his memoirs whitewash his Nazi collaboration. The "testimony by Wisliceny at Nuremburg" was never given there (see [1], [2], [3], [4] for Wisliceny's actual testimony). To the best of my knowledge Amin was never mentioned at the Nuremburg trials at all. Actually this "testimony" is from an article written by a journalist Stein who claimed to have interviewed Wisliceny. The idea that the Nazis would take advice from an Arab (a "half-ape" by Hitler's terminology) on matters like this is so stupid that no academic historian of the holocaust takes it seriously to the best of my knowledge. The claim "His Hanjar troopers, a special Waffen SS company, killed 90% of Bosnia's Jews." is impossible since most of the Bosnian Jews were already dead or in Auschwitz by the time the Hanjar troop became operational. "These declarations sought Nazi support for the wiping out of Jews in Palestine by Palestinian Arabs." -- this is an interpretation since no such words appear. The story of the Jewish children is correct (one of the few correct things on this whole page). --Zero 09:11, 26 Jan 2004 (UTC)

Some of the many things wrong with this page:

  1. It's about exactly one man, and therefore does not deserve the title, any more than the life of Lord Haw-haw deserves to be under "British-Nazi Friendship"
  2. The first paragraph is totally unsubstantiated by the rest of the article.

DJ Clayworth 14:26, 26 Jan 2004 (UTC)