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Additional Historical Background on Harissa[edit]

It would help any visitor to this site or any tourists interested in spectacular landmarks that the following type of information is included on this page:

The History of the Foundry where the statue was made, the family of artisans who ensured the integrity of the project.

The History of the Staircase and Base. Who, when, how and how long it took to erect and build the foundation on which the statue stands. Where was the rock carried from, which quary. How did they manage to lift the statue all the way from the Coast to the top of the mountain. Dates and timelines of this project would help. Was the statue brought from overseas via a boat, was the statue created in Europe (Spain, Italy, France, etc). Was an original sculpture of the statue made before a full size replica was poured at the foundry? If so does the original sculpture still exist and where is it?

Who commissioned the project and how long did it take to secure permits from the city of Harissa? Who were the politicians at the time and what were the politics involved? How does the image of the Virgin Mary on top of the mountain overlooking this beautiful seaport reflect on the image of women in the Middle East and their self esteem?

Was there any thought to the statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro Brasil (erected in the 1930s) when the Basilica was later conceptualized for Harissa? Is the town of Harissa considered the sister town of Rio? So while Beirut is the "Paris of the Orient" is Rio de Janeiro the "Paris of the Americas" in the mind of the visitors to this shrine?

What is the story behind the modern Basilica Cathedral at the shrine? The inspiration behind the design and architecture? Who were the competing architectural firms and which firm was finally awarded the contract? Total cost and completion timelines of the project? What were some of the hurdles? How does the local populace view the modern Cathedral versus the old Church at the base of the Statue and how the visitors and tourists differ in their perceptions?

Some information on how the annual pilgrimage tradition started where villagers and visitors start walking all the way from the coast up the twisty winding roads to the shrine before sunrise in homage to the Virgin Mary. Where does the pilgrimage trek start from officially? Whose idea was it? When did it take hold as an annual ritual of faith? A few historical photos of the woods and scenery along the pilgrimage trek would be a great idea as these hills have been deforested in the last decades making way for developments.

More information as to the size, height, weight and other interesting trivia, number of visitors per year to the shrine, the ecology of the mountains, the loss of the forests along the beautiful hills overlooking the bay and so on would truly liven up this site and the page on Harissa and this information ought to be available from the local clergy responsible for the caretaking of this shrine.

Signed yours truly, Just another dumb guy from the USA who keeps getting kicked off Wickipedia for his silly notions75.84.21.239 (talk) 22:35, 8 May 2009 (UTC)


Is this the very Mount Harissa that inspired a movement in Ellongton's Far East Suite? One would assume so - perhaps this should be mentioned! Also I'm not sure if the word "dogma" is supposed to be in there! Cdyson37 (T) 23:06, 24 August 2009 (UTC) (Update: Post re-signed as I forgot to log in!)

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I was under the impression that the large statue on the top of the staircase was a gift from France, and that the smaller second statue was the statue commissioned by the Khazen family? Correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm fairly certain that the large statue was a gift to the French's allies. — Preceding unsigned comment added by CedrusLibani075 (talkcontribs) 13:09, 29 January 2015 (UTC)