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Misleading title and description[edit]

This article is so headed that the reader may easily assume the whole of Stonefall (aka Wetherby Road) Cemetery was set up by and belongs to the CWGC. The then IWGC (Imperial War Graves Commission) printed list of war graves in its county describes the cemetery (at time of post-WWI publication) as belonging to Harrogate Corporation ie it was a municipal cemetery. It is not a CWGC cemetery, more accurately it is a cemetery which contains Commonwealth war graves and has dedicated war grave plots cared for by the CWGC. The history of the cemetery, which contains the Harrogate Crematorium, obviously precedes WWI and deserves to be put in better context. The infobox infers there are only war grave burials dating from 1943 at earliest when in fact there were burials in the first period (1914-21) that CWGC registration covers. I am not local so do not know if Harrogate's local authority still own it, or whether it has been 'privatised'. The CWGC's website's 'Find a cemetery' list does not separately list the military and the municipal sections and treats the whole cemetery as one entity.Cloptonson (talk) 19:10, 22 August 2016 (UTC)

Wellington BK387 Crash[edit]

I have edited some sentences in the large section about this crash that were rather panoramic. I have also edited the opening sentences describing the Berlin raid that coincided with the crash because this was a training plane that would be separate from the bomber party being deployed to Berlin. (Had the crew lived and passed training then they would graduate to taking part in future raids.) While material based on cited information is welcome, please be considerate to the context and subject of the article. I have amalgamated the first two sentences and totally deleted the following:

27 Lancasters were not to return to their bases in England, most were lost in the Berlin area, some seven and half percent of the attacking bombers missing. Eighty two houses were destroyed and thirty six people were killed.

Cloptonson (talk) 19:25, 22 August 2016 (UTC)