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PGA Tour wins discrepancies[edit]

There are several discrepancies with Cooper's PGA Tour wins listed in "The History of the PGA TOUR" by Al Barkow (which I think has to be considered the official list since the book is copyrighted by the PGA Tour) and those listed on the World Golf Hall of Fame website. Some of these are alternate names for the same event and some are wrong years listed on the WGHoF site. I've listed these below. I've confirmed that Cooper won all the events listed in Barkow's book (in the years stated) by looking at digitized newspaper accounts an The only remaining discrepancy is the 30 wins listed in Barkow's book and the number 31 given in the PGA Tour Media Guides on the all-time win list. Cooper is not the only golfer with a discrepancy of a win or two - it seems that the PGA Tour made some changes to their "official win list" after the 1989 publication of the book (besides adding all the British Open wins). Tewapack (talk) 06:00, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

  • 1923 Texas Open = Galveston Open Championship
  • 1924 Texas Open - won by Joe Kirkwood, Sr.
  • 1926 Del Monte Open = Monterey Peninsula Championship
  • 1929 Western N.Y. PGA = Old Westbury Invitational
  • 1929 Medinah Open = Medinah C.C. Invitational
  • 1929 Oklahoma Open = 1927 Oklahoma City Open (non-PGA Tour)
  • 1930 Pasadena Open = 1931 Pasadena Open
  • 1932 Tri-State Open = 1931 Tri-State Open
  • 1933 Illinois Open ?
  • 1934 Illinois PGA Championship ?
  • 1937 Oakland Open = 1938 Oklahoma Open
  • 1937 New Orleans Open = 1938 Crescent City Open
  • 1939 Goodall Round Robin = Goodall Palm Beach Round Robin