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Some content moved to talk from article namespace[edit]

An editor recently removed the content below with the edit summary, "removed interesting, but irrelevant Hebrew "word game" ". I don't see the basic concept as irrelevant to this article. (That is, the concept that acrostic word games had an influence on acronym usage in Hebrew.) But maybe this is not the best way to include it. Food for thought.

<snip>It is also a common part of Jewish thought to make inferences based on hidden acrostics. For example the Hebrew words for "man" (he: ????) and "woman" (he: ????) can be used to draw the inference that marriage, the joining of a man and a woman, is a spiritual relationship, because if one removes from each of the words "man" and "woman", one of the letters in the word "God" (he: ?-?), all that is left when "God" is removed from the joining of the two, is the word for destruction (he: ??? lit: fire) in place of each. So much can be interpreted from Hebrew, and attributed to or inferred from it, that an interpretational system, called exegesis, has been developed along these lines.</snip>
— ¾-10 18:05, 4 December 2010 (UTC)