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Lottery Scam Email[edit]

Possible Email Scam[edit]

It seems some scammers may be using the Heritage Lottery Fund name to send out "you have won something" emails. [See] (I got one this morning). I'm sure these emails have nothing to do with the legitimate Heritage Lottery Fund (they use the real street address but an email reply reported to be linked to other on-line scams). My question is should this be noted in the Heritage Lottery Fund Wiki article. Not really about the subject of the article per se, but I am concerned that someone getting such an email and checking the Wiki article might conclude the "you have won" email is somehow legit b'c there is a Wiki atricle on an actual organization. (I notice that 'Nigerian 419 Scams' are discussed in the <Central Bank of Nigeria> Wiki article.) More experienced thoughts on this? (talk) 15:46, 12 October 2012 (UTC)