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Article re-written[edit]

I've made some largely cosmetic changes to this substantial entry on × Heucherella, without removing any essential details. The article contained a lot of repetition, and some of the text was written in an inappropriate vernacular style ("... soil that doesn't drain well ..."). There was also more than a hint of the commercial plant catalogue. Wiki doesn't like advertising, so I've removed repeated references to a specific nursery. I've retained the external links to specialist nurseries, though. These have a legitimate role in providing information about the plant.

Wikipedia is not a gardening manual. Anything that looked like an instruction rather than a fact has been re-written. Metric conversions have been provided for imperial measurements. I didn't think that each cultivar needed its own subsection, therefore the cultivars have been placed in alphabetical bulleted paragraphs instead. Finally I've added an image, though I think the article could actually do with a couple more images to break up the text (maybe a previous author has some pics he/she could share). I think these changes make the article more attractive and readable to the general public.

There is a still a distinct lack of inline citations. Darorcilmir (talk) 05:34, 13 July 2013 (UTC)