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It would be good to have some post-WWII stuff other than that on the Troubles. Presumably while the Troubles were happening normal city things were still going on - development, expansion into the hinterlands, patterns of industry etc. This article reinforces the idea that Irish history is nothing but Prods and Catholics killing each other. --Helenalex 06:00, 18 April 2007 (UTC)

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Picture of the day
Royal Avenue, Belfast, 1890s

A photochrom print of Royal Avenue in Belfast, Northern Ireland, from the 1890s. In the 19th century, Belfast became Ireland's pre-eminent industrial city, and saw an influx of immigration, made up of mostly Catholics into a predominantly Protestant city. Sectarian tensions remained high throughout the years, with no major incidents having taken place since 1998's Belfast Agreement.

Image: Detroit Publishing Co.; Restoration: Lise Broer
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