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Can somebody reduce the size of those maps ALOT? My screen res is at 1280 x 1024 and the images totally dominate the view. --maveric149

Unfortunately the text is not readable when I reduce the image size. Perhaps we should remove some of the images or gather them together at the bottom of the article. --User:Eob
There's nothing wrong with selecting one, maybe two of the images and having the rest linked in the text like so. That would be an easy fix since there really isn't a need to have so many maps on the same page (especially when they interfere with each other and more importantly with the text). --maveric149

Copyright issues: In order to encourage the spread of knowledge, it is our policy to give away our maps of Ireland free for fair-use purposes. All maps can be used unmodified on other non-profit web sites. If you do use the maps, a link to is all that we ask. Note that this freedom does not apply to other material on this site.

Fair use only allows us to make copies for personal and/or educational use -- the GNU FDL allows for much more than that (including making a profit from FDL works) this is a violation of's copyright. We also can't quarrantee that these maps will be left unmodified since the FDL explicitly allows for and encourages this. We also can't quarrantee that somebody won't come along and delete the ownership line since this is a wiki wiki. Therefore we can't have these images on wikipedia. Sorry -- the author will just have to list the maps as external links and an admin will have to delete these files from the server. --maveric149

Wait a minute -- the images themselves state that they are "declared to be in the public domain". Sounds like the people over at don't have a clue what public domain means. There are two separate copyright notices there: one on the images themselves which a renunciation of copyright (putting them in the public domain), and one on the website talking about the images which most certainely is not a renunciation of copyright. I will take this issue to the wikipedia mailing list. --maveric149, Tuesday, May 21, 2002
The following is at "We invite you to read the guide below, before sending mail, in case your question or comment is answered there. [...] If you are sending e-mail to request permission to use one of the maps on this site for your own purposes permission is hereby granted. They are stated to be in the public domain and can therefore be used without condition. If you wish to, a credit or link back to this site would be nice. The rest of the site is NOT in the public domain." So I think we are OK. --User:Eob
I agree -- cool. --maveric149