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The origin of the name Bronx[edit]

Jonas Jonasson Brunk was born in a very small village in Småland, Sweden. He became the captain of a ship and sailed between countries in Europe. He married a woman from Holland and in 1636 they decided to cross the Atlantic ocean and they settled in New Amsterdam. Before or after this he changed his name to Bronck. He bought a piece of land from the indians northeast of New Amsterdam. It became known as Bronck's land, or simply Bronck's, and the river through the area was named Bronck's river. Later the spelling was changed to Bronx. This information comes from a swedish television antique show which visited Bronck's birth village in Sweden, and this program was transmitted the 18th of March 2010. (Roger Johansson)

Census Question: 1930[edit]

"White persons born in the Irish Free State † 34,538 2.7% "

It has listed the % of people born in the Irish Free State residing in the Bronx in 1930. It seems rather small for the amount of Irish neighborhoods predominant at the time. Ireland, until 1922, was part of the United Kingdom and Great Britain and Ireland. In 1922 the Irish Free State and the province of Northern Ireland (still apart of Great Britain) were established. I wonder if the census has those born before 1922 in Ireland listed seperately....that might explain that low number (2.7%).