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Please verify these dates[edit]

Can someone who has more expertise than me in this topic please verify the following dates are correct:


August Bebel, Paul Singer 1892–1911
August Bebel, Hugo Haase 1911–1913
Friedrich Ebert, Hugo Haase 1913–1917 Haase broke away in 1916 to form the USPD
Friedrich Ebert, Philipp Scheidemann 1917–1919
Hermann Müller, Otto Wels 1919–1922
Hermann Müller, Otto Wels, Arthur Crispien 1922–1928 Crispien co-opted in September as a representative of the returning USPD
Otto Wels, Arthur Crispien 1928–1931
Otto Wels, Arthur Crispien, Hans Vogel 1931–1933
Otto Wels, Hans Vogel 1933–1939 (in exile)
Hans Vogel 1939–1945 (in exile)

Preferably from an offline dead-tree textbook or history book published in the previous millenium. Most of these dates were pasted in by a user back in 2004, who was banned a few months later. I made some corrections to a similar list of historical dates over in the Brockhaus_Enzyklopädie article, by pulling from the sister-page on , but in this article,'s data matches. So maybe the pasted info was correct... or maybe both english and german wikipedia articles are currently wrong. I'd prefer to be sure, but I don't possess the correct sort of text to easily verify this myself. Thanks. (talk) 03:37, 6 October 2013 (UTC)