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@Sandigwilliams: The recent controversy over the son of a gay student can not be presented in a one sided manner. Your deleting of the verifiable content was against the usage policies of Wikipedia. Wikipedia functions as a storehouse of encyclopedic content that has been properly referenced. Please supply references for your statements. In addition, I have restored the information about Hope's curriculum being controversial. Please see the A Beka page to learns more about the controversy.

As many people have used this page as an outlet to bash Hope Christian School, I found it necessary to remove unecessary editorials/opinions such as (Hope Christian School is pretty much gay) and (Kelly is pretty much a douchebag) off of this page as they are distasteful. Many people should take up this discussion, so that we may give HCS proper representaion on Wikipedia! I have put the "controversey" section back on this page, as many topics discussed there have occured. Could someone please recover or create the school's logo and information as someone seems to have deleted it.

Cochise68.35.49.125 19:15, 29 December 2006 (UTC)

Problematic recent edits[edit]

A recent edit introduced content into the article that does not appear to follow Wikipedia's policies regarding verfiability and neutral point of view and need to be improved or removed.

  • "The elementary combination curriculum includes the controversial A Beka, Bob Jones, and ACSI curricula"
Sourced to the Wikipedia article Association_of_Christian_Schools_International_v._Roman_Stearns. This is problematic because per Wikipedia policy, a Wikipedia article cannot be used as a source. It's clear there's controversy here, but the characterization of these curricula as "controversial" must be sourced and attributed to reliable sources. I will remove the disallowed attempt to source this to Wikpedia and tag it as "reliable source needed." Either independent reliable sources need to be found that call this "controversial" (this should not be a problem if it's really in the news), or it should be removed.
Added: I removed "controversial" until it can be sourced and attributed.
This is also sourced to "" which is a blog and disallowed as a source by WP:BLOGS
  • "In practice, this appears as the teaching of Creationism and the "debunking" of Evolution, as evidenced by the use of Bob Jones textbooks."
Whose analysis is this? Without a source, this looks like original research. I will tag it, and either a reliable source needs to be found for this, or it should be removed.
  • "The math sequence uses the Saxon teaching method which has been found to not be as effective as typical "chapter" poli books."
This appears to be WP:COATRACK, and should be removed.
  • "The administration recently added a Director of Acadmeic Affairs to assess and make academic adjustments to the growing curriculum and course offerings necessary to promote well-balanced, college preparatory students. This appointment has been controversial as the new Director was an original faculty member of HCS and does not provide a truly independent, professional viewpoint."
This is unsourced personal opinion and fails WP:BLP, and, without a source, must be removed.

Please bring the sources required to substatiate this new content. Thanks.... Zad68 17:35, 7 August 2012 (UTC)


Hopewebmaster, Can you please add the crest / seal / logo for HCS back to the wikipedia page? An earlier attempt was blocked because it did not have the correct permissions, but you are in a position to take care of this. Thank you. (talk) 19:37, 15 March 2013 (UTC)

Curriculum and Facilities[edit]

I am hoping someone will be able to add information about the curriculum used at Hope. I noticed that there was some info about this included over the summer, but it looks like someone removed it. The page was edited to show the hiring of an academic director and the improvement of the school, but how has this been done? Also, what about the facilities? Can someone add info about the ONE (?!?!?!?!) shared lab for all the high school science classes? It seems like that is an important aspect of the school. Was there any more development about the little boy that was not allowed admission because he had two dads? I think that section of the page could be fleshed out. A school that has been around for over 30 years should have a much stronger wikipedia page than this. (talk) 01:00, 20 March 2013 (UTC)