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Assessment comment[edit]

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Talk:Hubert Julian/Comments

My father was an Army Air Corps officer in WWII. He commanded, at one time in the early forties, a support company at Dow Field in Bangor, Maine. Among the other members of his unit, he described to me a private soldier, and older fellow named Hubert Julian "The Black Eagle", who'd been an aviation pioneer but was cast aside by the army because he was black. Dad thought that a great injustice and because of his experiences with these men, had no use for racists. Dad is still alive and recently turned eighty-nine.

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Not the Royal Canadian Air Force..[edit]

" He actually had but little aviation experience and that was near the end of World War I, when he enlisted in the Canadian Army Air Corps [1] CanadianAME (talk) 07:46, 21 May 2017 (UTC)

  1. ^ SINGLETON, CLINT (1953). "The Black Eagle came home". True Adventure... Mr. (May): 42. Retrieved 21 May 2017.