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Alabama First Lady Andrea McVay[edit]

This wikipedia article seems to be the only source that there ever was a First Lady in Alabama called Andrea McVay. Well, that used to be the case until a specific article about her was created at Portuguese wikipedia pt:Andrea McVay. Encyclopedia of Alabama [1], on the other hand, claims that he remarried in 1827 (after his first wife Polly had died in 1817). His bride in Memphis was called Sophia W. Davison and that marriage did not last. Apparently he had no First Lady and much less was married in 1826 to someone in such a marriage that lasted until his death. I don't intend to return to this case but I hope someone digs deeper into this and sorts this out since this puts the credibility of both English and Portuguese language versions of wikipedia in question. (talk) 08:55, 14 December 2010 (UTC)

As the "information" regarding a nonexistent person "Andrea McVay" is spam, I decided to remove it from the article. I first wrote I didn't intend to return to this myself but this spam here is still having consequences on other wikipedias. The same IP address ( who added Andrea to this article made similar edits to other biographies of Alabama governors (Oct 20, 2008) that were promptly reverted but this one apparently went on unnoticed for years. (talk) 10:17, 15 March 2011 (UTC)