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Brain mapping coverage[edit]

Brain mapping is a research area that has received massively escalating funding. (see $100 million dollar project funded by Paul Allen (Microsoft) Allen Brain Atlas, 2009 NIH $30 million project Human Connectome Project (and related article Connectome), 1 billion euro, 10 year project, Human Brain Project (EU), and 2013 NIH $3 billion 10 year project Brain Activity Map Project

I envision the specific "project" articles will cover project management aspects (politics, funding, lead personalities, schedules, major milestones, broadly covered general news events, etc.) while the actual scientific details will be covered in singular (vs. plural) noun-topic-titled articles (encyclopedia style). Actually, after searching I was surprised how deep the coverage actually was already on Wikipedia. To create links to those I originated List of topics related to brain mapping. More details are included on the talk page. Please feel free to comment or edit.

I'm also pondering what "frequently asked questions" might be out there on the general topic of brain mapping? I started a very preliminary "guess" list. It really applies across all four major projects. see: User:Rjlabs/Brain mapping frequently asked questions. It's totally informal, just at the brainstorming stage. It's not intended to be an outline for any article, however if there are answers (now or in the future) contained in various Wikipedia scientific topic articles, pointers might be added in the List of topics related to brain mapping page out to them. Again, feel free to add, edit or comment.
Rick (talk)

LONI move[edit]

The Laboratory of Neuro Imaging (one of the laboratories in the MGH-USC HCP consortium along with the Martinos Center) (as well as its databases) has been at USC and not UCLA for over a year now, so UCLA is no longer a contributing institution to that particular HCP. Note for instance the name change in UMCD. — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 21:14, 27 September 2014 (UTC)