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How do we set it up so that III is still a redirection to the number 3?

-Geordan H

Excuse us! Why did you go deleting our hard work writing about our organization? The intolerance of people on this website so far has made us sorrowful and upset at the idea of promoting our organization over the internet in the future. Please at least provide some discussion first before automatically deleting what YOU believe to be bogus just because it does not show up on a search over!

-Geordan H

III or 'Band' III?[edit]

I've always been wondering on what grounds the bands name is taken in the albums name? Here are 4 albums where the bands name is also there, 10 albums (Chad Brock is listed twice) where the title is only III. In all these album covers, the bands or singers name is in the cover, so that can't be the reason. (talk) 04:35, 10 June 2011 (UTC)