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can i see the detail discription about the ibaloi's costume


ibaloi and kankana-ey people specially those who are rich are mummified when they are dead.The corpse will be arranged in a sitting position as if it was still alive.It would be put above the fire to be smoked and preserved.The elders together with the family members will sit infront the dead and eat as if the dead is still alive.They would even call him to eat with them.Mummies found with tattoo are those who are rich.Tattoos are symbols of richness or of a great person.It could be a warrior,hunter or a very rich man.They would be dressed with the traditional clothes locally called as "inabel"or the other Called it as "tapii" or eten". After a month or two or untill the dead is totally preserved they will put him into his unique coffin.the coffin should be from a sturdy tree.The whole log will be cut and then split into two parts.One for the cover and one for the container.They will just cave the split side just enough for the body to fit in.They will put the cover with a sharpened wood as a nail.They dont use iron in it and there should be no damage on the is believed that this dead will travel to the next life so it needs a blanket and a pig buthered by the relatives.If something went wrong they will begin all the process excep the mummification.

   The coffin must be like a boat because it is said that it is where the spirit of the dead will use into his journey.It should also be heavy.
   The mummy should be placed in a cave.No one should disturb the spirit cause the spirit may bring sickness.

enabel,tapis and eten is a cloth weaved with mostly color of red,black and white.

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