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What is the range of prices for these machines? That seems noteworthy for the article.

You're looking at a minimum of $70,000 for a new machine. However a wide array of features are available: automatic snow breaker, extra seats, seatbelts, fuel (gasoline, propane, CNG, electric), rear-mounted edger, tire wash, and much more. A laser guided blade system will run about another $10,000 and the FastIce System runs for around $20,000 to $30,000 depending on the options.

For less than full size rinks, don't forget the compact Sport Ice 124, much lower cost than full size machine. Great2b1 (talk) 15:47, 27 June 2010 (UTC)

I'm not quite sure where you got the half million figure for a new resurfacer. Everything I have ever heard has always been in the range of $80,000 (USD) to $100,000. All of these previously mentioned prices are about 10x more than I have ever seen or heard. If I recall, Philips Arena's ice maintenance head said they only paid about $30,000 each for FastIce and a STAR rep there said the laser system was about $10,000. The big deterrent in implementing these systems is that they require a higher degree of proficiency that is not as high at most rinks operating. -- (talk) 07:32, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

According to a 1996 Road & Track test drive of a Zamboni Model 500 ( the list price is $41,750 and the machine they tested being $51,110. Adjusting for inflation, $50,000 in 1996 is $68,458.57 in 2008.-- (talk) 23:12, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

"Improperly refer..."[edit]

From this sentence:

Frank J. Zamboni & Co, Inc. and other companies manufacture ice resurfacing machines, and although some people improperly refer to ice resurfacers as "a Zamboni", the name ZAMBONI is a federally and internationally registered trademark.

This is just ridiculous. No matter how much they'd like to try, the ZAMBONI company does not have the slightest power over linguistics. The things are called Zambonis at every hockey rink in the English-speaking world. I strongly suggest a rewording of this line. JHMM13  21:12, 17 February 2007 (UTC)

While the company cannot actually prevent people from referring to ice resurfacers as "Zambonis", they are required by US law to make all possible efforts to prevent such usage. Failure to do so could result in the loss of the company's ownership of the name and design of the vehicle.-- (talk) 07:32, 3 June 2008 (UTC)

The Zamboni was created in the city of Paramount, CA. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 15:53, 20 August 2008 (UTC)

As noted, Zamboni being trademarked ensures only that company can call their ice resurfacer a Zambonis; however it is undoubtedly used as a generic term by many. Not that it needs to be explained in such excruciating detail in the main article; I just reworded the opening paragraph in a manner that should suit all parties here. WWB (talk) 22:22, 7 October 2008 (UTC)


I added an advert template. The Frank Zamboni company is overly prominent in the article. We may all applaud Frank's invention, which it'd be great to see written up in a more complete 'history' section. Twang (talk) 20:34, 30 December 2008 (UTC)

Removing irrelevant pollution section[edit]

These machines generally run on natural gas, which is very clean burning. It sounds to me like this section was added to promote the sales of electric machines. The basic fact is, all combustion engines have deleterious effects on air quality. This is like explaining that ice is both dangerous and made from frozen water in the article. —Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 02:49, 31 July 2009 (UTC)

Looks like someone re-added the pollution section without discussion here. I also agree that the pollution is not significant considering the scope of the article, or the scope of pollution in general, and should probably be eliminated. The only thing that might seem relevant in my mind is the potential increase in asthma symptoms, but certainly that does not require a whole top-level section. Brianski (talk) 15:54, 16 February 2010 (UTC)
I have no axe to grind, here, but I understand that roof vents are required when using non-electric resurfacers. The electric machines emit no exhaust and require no ventilation system. Avoiding indoor pollution is a strong reason to switch to electric machines, manufactured by SportIce USA, Zamboni and Olympia. TreacherousWays (talk) 17:00, 5 March 2010 (UTC)

Trivia/In popular culture[edit]

IMO, everything currently in the "In popular culture" section is trivia and has been removed. The list has been posted here, in the event that anyone wishes to expand these trivial notes into actual notable tidbits -TinGrin 17:37, 19 February 2010 (UTC)

In popular culture[edit]

  • A Zamboni resurfacer made repeated (and always nonsensical) appearances in the Peanuts comic strip, first appearing in a strip during the 1980 Winter Olympics.[1] Snoopy usually drove the Zamboni, although Woodstock had a small Zamboni for his bird bath. As a result many people who have never seen resurfacers associate them with the Zamboni name. One time Linus thought that the Great Pumpkin was rising out of the pumpkin patch, only to realize, much to Sally's outrage, that it was merely a Zamboni.
  • In a Drabble comic strip, Norman's new "exotic foreign sports car" turned out to be a Zamboni.
  • On the TV series CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, Gil Grissom commented in the episode "Primum Non Nocere", "There are three things in life people like to stare at: a rippling stream, a fire in a fire place, and a Zamboni going around and around." Sara Sidle noted immediately afterward that this was a quote from Peanuts.
  • Former baseball third baseman Ken Reitz was nicknamed "The Zamboni" for his skill at scooping up ground balls on the artificial turf of Busch Memorial Stadium.
  • In the Canadian cartoon series Chilly Beach, Dale is a professional Zamboni driver.
  • An episode of the comedy/history series History Bites made a throwaway reference to the Zamboni family, employed to tidy the Colosseum between gladiator matches, circa AD 100.
  • WWE wrestler Stone Cold Steve Austin once drove a Zamboni to the ring to confront WWE chairman Vince McMahon at Joe Louis Arena.
  • On the television series Cheers, Carla's second husband Eddie was killed when he was run over by a Zamboni. Cheers writer Ken Levine has said that the show's writers were initially concerned that they would not legally be able to use the name "Zamboni", but that when Frank J. Zamboni & Co. was contacted about it, the Zamboni family loved the idea and readily granted permission for the name to be used.[2]
  • A hit song by the Gear Daddies is called "Zamboni".
  • In the Canadian movie Bon Cop, Bad Cop, one of the bodies is found attached to a Zamboni.
  • In their song "King of Spain", Moxy Früvous sings that the Toronto Maple Leafs call the narrator to drive their Zamboni.
  • In the musical Dirty Rotten Scoundrels, Freddy sings that he wants his "own personal Zamboni" in the song "Great Big Stuff".
  • A Zamboni is mentioned in the "Weird Al" Yankovic song "Canadian Idiot".
  • In the ER episode "A Miracle Happens Here", a drunken Zamboni driver levels a group of ice skaters, sending them to the ER.
  • In an episode of Spongebob Squarepants where Plankton freezes the Krusty Krab, Mr. Krabs has ice resurfacer referred to as a Clamboni Machine.
  • In the film D2: The Mighty Ducks, three of the "Ducks" crash a resurfacer through the boards.
  • In the pilot episode of Reaper, a Zamboni driver gets underneath the Zamboni after it stalls and is killed when it starts up and runs over him.
  • In an episode of Dead Like Me, a Zamboni accident leads to the death of a hockey coach.
  • A quote from comedy film Blades of Glory, about two male ice skaters trying to compete as pairs team, refers Zamboni: "These guys put the bone in Zamboni!".
  • Alaska Governor Sarah Palin has expressed, in an interview with People magazine, that she "always wanted a son named Zamboni."[3]
  • The Providence Bruins (American Hockey League affiliate of the Boston Bruins) have a mascot named Sam Boni.
  • On the show 6teen, Jude Lizowski says that in Canada, a zamboni driver is a respected member of the community, when questioned why by Wyatt Williams, Jude replied "I don't know, I guess here in Canada people just like Zambonis for some reason".
  • The Plants vs. Zombies video game features a zombie-driven ice resurfacer called a 'Zomboni' as an opponent.
  • A pro-war propaganda clip in the comedy film Canadian Bacon references Canada's "threatening lead in Zamboni technology."
  • In the movie Analyze That the character mistakes a Stromboni for a Zamboni while in conversation with gang members.
  • In the ALIAS Episode 16/Season 2 "Firebomb", Sydney (Jennifer Garner) & Vaughn (Michael Vartan) come home from a hockey game, and Vaughn teases Syd: "The Zamboni is your favorite part?" and Sydney replies, "No, coming home with YOU is my favorite part. The Zamboni is a close second." Later in the same episode, Sydney is in the bathtub; and Vaughn says, "The Kings are in town next week. You could watch the Zamboni..."


how about a discription of how they did it before the zamboni? — Preceding unsigned comment added by (talk) 19:51, 16 January 2013 (UTC)

A team of men with shovels, slush, snow, and water, went about and cleared the ice, patched up ruts, during play. Before and after play, you'd flood the rink with a hose. ; in current outdoor rinks, a snowplow would clear the surface, a snowblower would get rid of the snowpiles, and a tanker truck would flood the surface. -- (talk) 03:30, 17 January 2013 (UTC)


I suggest that most of the history section be split to a new article Zamboni Company (current corporate name [1]) and a summary be left behind here. This article is about ice resurfacers in general, so the specific corporate history detail should be in a corporate article. As the corporation seems very notable, there should be no problem with its existence. -- (talk) 03:28, 17 January 2013 (UTC)

Agreed, cause there are more producers of Ice resurfacers than just the Zamboni company, see for example the dutch or the German article, and by splitting this section it gives it a chance of a more balanced view of this type of machine. Regards Migrant (talk) 18:19, 24 January 2013 (UTC)
Agree per nom. Roger (talk) 08:54, 25 January 2013 (UTC)

I have now copied the relevant material to the Zamboni Company article but I need help with trimming down the History section of this page to just the main points. Roger (talk) 09:06, 25 January 2013 (UTC)

Original Zamboni – photo requested[edit]

The original Zamboni machine is parked in the skating rink that the family still owns, just down the street from the factory. See here. Could an L.A.-based Wikipedia editor drop by and take a photo, and upload it for the history section of this article? Thanks, Wbm1058 (talk) 18:57, 19 January 2013 (UTC)

Google Doodle link[edit]

The LA Times article is no longer valid. Making linking directly to the Google Doodle would be a better idea? -- (talk) 15:29, 27 July 2013 (UTC)