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I have made several revisions and updates to this page, but most of the information I based it on was in French. I am not a French speaker, and there are several parts that could both be translated more accurately and perhaps provide more information. The links I have included on the page show where the majority of the information came from; perhaps someone else can improve on this? I have not included information that I could not understand or translate in a meaningful enough way.

However, I have intentionally left mis-spellings of his name so that the page is easier to find. 'Igor Wakhevitch' did not turn up the page on Wikipedia at all, but 'Igor Wakhévitch' did (the accent seems to make all the difference). I conducted searches through Wikipedia and Google, and used the Firefox extensions 'Googlepedia' all without success. Therefore, I suggest having both correct and incorrect (Anglicised) spellings on the page.

I added a link from Georges Wakhevitch (seemingly spelt the 'other' way in the majority of cases - without the accent); Georges appears, at least, to be his father, although the evidence is scant (only on the Fractal Records pages). —Preceding unsigned comment added by Euchrid9 (talkcontribs) 14:21, January 13, 2007